In this karst-littered limestone region within Myanmar, I had already traversed a large cave-system and a water channel under a giant hill, and wandered out into this larger flatter landscape. A woman was working next to a field collecting her crop, and she had parked this bicycle nearby.

Happy Girl

Walking along a pilgrimage path in the mountains around Kyaikto in Mon State, Myanmar, a path sprinkled with small shops selling trinkets, food and drinks, I came across this girl in one of the stalls. The background colour gave everything a slight pink hue. And she had a great smile!

Old Testament and New Testament history

I’d previously posted a link to the wonderful online video lectures from Yale University, in particular the course on “Introduction to the Old Testament” by Christine Hayes. I’m now about half-way through the course on “New Testament History and Literature” by Dale B. Martin. This makes a good companion to the Christine Hayes videos. I’ve posted both videos below for your convenience :)

Do note that a significant time-commitment is required to go through all these videos, but the rewards are many. Go for it!

Introduction to the Old Testament With Christine Hayes:

New Testament History and Literature: