United Kingdom knife laws, and the Topeak Alien II mutli-tool

The UK’s knife laws are quite strict, especially on fixed-blades and locking folding-blades carried in public areas. These laws and their interpretations are described here:

Unfortunately, a lot of multi-tools, including those for bicycles, have locking folding-blades which can cause legal problems. I have the Topeak Alien II bicycle multi-tool with a locking folding-blade which I take with me on longer bicycle rides. I have recently become uncomfortable carrying this even though the tool is at the bottom of my bag, and even though it takes MUCH effort to lock the blade into its open (active) position.

In order to avoid any legal issues, I was able to dismantle the tool and, through a grinder, removed the ridge on the blade so that it was no longer lockable in the open position. After reassembly of the tool, I now have a non-locking folding blade on the Topeak Alien II. In use, the blade stays in place much like a traditional slip-joint on a penknife so that it is still practicable.

On a related pointed, it would be really awesome if manufacturers can sell us all the individual tools separately so that we can then build-up our own customised multi-tool. I predict a huge market for this!

The bully that is Google – rant!

Google makes me mad. What?!

Well, I am getting rather fed-up with how the Google Search home page insists, on a frequent basis, that I should install Google Chrome, or that I should undertake some kind of security check. And this is despite me telling Google many, many times “No!”. Google knows who I am as I am logged-in on Google, and it should respect my first choices.

Please, Google, stop with your nagging. I don’t want your web browser, stop trying to push it down my throat; I just want to do some search.


My new Apple Watch Sport 38mm

This my new Apple Watch Sport (38mm). It will come into its own when I’m out cycling, or on other occasions when whipping out the iPhone is inconvenient.


I agree that the watch is a little bit overpriced, but this is Apple, and they know supply-and-demand!

Referral spam in Google Analytics

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Google Analytics suffers from referral spam. And Google have been aware of this for at least a couple of years:

I cannot believe that Google have allowed this situation to continue for so long, and exposing web-masters to potential cyber attack. Google, get your finger out!