Antarctica – Best. Trip. EVAH!

I recently went on one of those Antarctic cruises in December 2007 spending Christmas out there. The cruise included zodiac landings on the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsular. Of course I took lots of photos and I’ll need time to sort through them and start putting them online…it will take me months! I’ll provide an update when the first series of photos goes online.

Apart from witnessing the amazing scenery and wildlife I made loads of fantastic friends most of whom were single and well travelled people like me…it wasn’t what I was expecting at all! We all had real fun and I miss them all!

One or two persons, with their enthusiasm, energy and kindness, reminded me that there is still so much goodness and joy in this world and that perhaps the world isn’t as doomed as I sometimes imagine. I suppose I’ve spent too much time recently looking at just the negatives and using my blog for criticism that I had almost lost perspective. Too many rants and not enough raves.

I now remember why I started travelling in the first place; to meet people and immerse oneself in various cultures, to be alive and enjoy the wonders of this world! It’s now a New Year…a time for reflection and a refreshed outlook. I’m looking forward to it! So thank you all!

Best. Trip. EVAH!

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