Would you Adam and Eve it!

Why Evolution Is True does a deconstruction of a flawed BioLogos article. Having read the rather desperate arguments in the BioLogos article I thought “Why did BioLogos even bother?”. Then I realised, BioLogos is nothing more than a religious forum, heavily slanted towards Judeo-Christianity, where people interpret scientific evidence with a God slant, where people cast doubt on scientific evidence that doesn’t suite their beliefs, where people believe in a God who interacts with us. I think Richard Dawkins blew these people right out of the water in his book “The God Delusion”. Knowing what BioLogos is provides insight into the question posed by Why Evolution Matters:

“isn’t BioLogos embarrassed to have this kind of stuff on its website, which purports to accept the findings of science?”

No, they’re not embarrassed; they’re a religious group, not a scientific group. That’s why they don’t matter.

Article by Kulvinder Singh Matharu – 2010

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Kulvinder Matharu

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