“Why Evolution Is True” by Jerry Coyne at the AAI 2009

I do have Jerry Coyne’s book “Why Evolution Is True” and it’s a fantastic book. I’ve also read “The Greatest Show on Earth” by Richard Dawkins and this is a natural partner to Coyne’s book with a fair amount of overlap but both complementary to each other. Here’s a talk by Coyne with an introduction from Dawkins:

Article by Kulvinder Singh Matharu – 2011


I came across this via richarddawkins.net…indoctrination and child abuse.

Disgusting. Children should be given the tools for critical thinking; tools that can be used to understand how the world really works. This "Jesus Camp" and other camps of whatever religion keep these tools out of reach and, instead, replace them with delusion, enslaving children to the irrationality and dogmas of religion.

Article by Kulvinder Singh Matharu – 2011