That old canard that science is always changing its position

Loved this video. It explains, with some humour at the end, that science is the best tool we have for understanding. I would elaborate and reinforce that modern science tells us about religion and gods; that there is no evidence of gods, that all evidence indicates the increasing implausibility of gods, and that religions are man-made artefacts.

Perhaps religion can be viewed as Man’s first systematic attempts at explaining the world (but I have a sneaky suspicion that religion is more likely to have been the first method for controlling and subjugating the masses). Religion’s methods have been shown to be inadequate as an explanation of how the world works. The scientific method, to ask questions, to challenge, to test, and its self-correcting features for continual improvement get us closer to the truth. Religion, as an explanation for the world and the truth, is a failed concept. However, religion as a method of control, subjugation and indoctrination, built on the foundations of ignorance and delusion, is doing fine. In fact, it excels. That is why education, knowledge, rationality and clear thinking are the enemies of religion.

Warning: there’s a swear word at the end of the video.

Atheists Cling to Science…

Article by Kulvinder Singh Matharu – 2011

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