Tyranny of the minority

Far-right Hindu organisation forces Penguin India to recall the book “The Hindus” from India.

Those laws to “protect” religious feelings are a monstrosity.

South Bank University student union idiocy

They’ve got to be freakin kidding!


LSE admit they may have been wrong

The correct moral thing to do was obvious. So why did the LSE take so long to admit that they may have been wrong? Summary by Jerry Coyne available here:

Not good enough.

Here’s one of my previous blogs on the LSE:

Anyway, I subscribed to “Jesus and Mo” quite a while ago as its light-hearted humour are very insightful. Go meet them! Here’s one that’s quite apt:



There’s something not right at the London School of Economics Student Union

The LSE Student Union is wrong. This blog at the forum for the “Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain” explains why, and it also has an interview with the author of “Jesus and Mo” (and that’s pretty cool).

The LSE Student Union is basically equating criticism of Islam with racism, but then fails to mention any linkage of racism for criticism of Christianity…don’t forget that the context is on the Jesus and Mo cartoons. You can see the game that the LSE Student Union is playing.

One more theory

Was recently reminded of one of Dan Piraro’s Bizarro cartoons from 2008. Cool!

A lot of Piraro’s Bizarro cartoons have a number next to his signature. You should find out what it means and enjoy!

Article by Kulvinder Singh Matharu – 2013

Religion be dammed – Major faults of the Vedas and the Upanishads

“Ranganath R” posted a brief article last year highlighting the major issues with the Vedas and the Upanishads:

Predictably, he received much criticism, mostly from Hindus of course. He has followed up with another article from the middle of this year where he describes the poor quality of these Hindu apologists:

Article by Kulvinder Singh Matharu – 2013

One of the evils of Hinduism

Most of my arguments and pot-shots against religion have concentrated on Christianity and Islam simply due to the level of exposure that these two religions have here. Other religions, of course, cannot escape from the exposure of their own injustice and barbarity. Here’s one article on Hinduism and the terrible caste system:

What can I say about Hinduism? Trash, unjust, evil, barbaric. Yup, this can be equally well to Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

Buddhism is another on the list as its core beliefs are ingrained with injustice. But that’s a topic for another article.

Article by Kulvinder Singh Matharu – 2013

Yahweh’s Amazing Test (Abraham, Genesis 22)

This story foundational to the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam).

Yahweh’s Amazing Test (Abraham, Genesis 22)

This is just one example of the injustice, cruelty, barbarity, slave mentality and delusions inherent and promoted by Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Article by Kulvinder Singh Matharu – 2012