Dire David Dobbs

First I read this…

…then this…

…and then, finally, this…

Oh dear. It seems that David Dobbs has done his reputation no good.

Photographers warned on Facebook’s new T&Cs

The American Society of Media Photographers, ASMP, has issued some information on Facebook’s proposed T&Cs and how that could impact on photographers.

Most of that information is pretty good but they may have over-estimated their power to influence Facebook. I could be wrong.

What did I do? I kept my Facebook account but removed content and other information about myself except for my name and e-mail address. So I continue to use Facebook for discussions, etc. and provide external links if I need to reference my content; that content was retained and maintained at my main website as it’s the universal primary source for access to my content.

So my recommendation is to continue using Facebook for social interactions and engaging with customers but keep content in a different place that can be URLed. This was easy for me, but then I don’t run a business using Facebook. I suspect, though, that professional photographers who use Facebook as an integral part of their business may experience a number of difficulties. Hopefully other groups can provide further practical advice.

Article by Kulvinder Singh Matharu – 2013