Fake bomb detectors in Iraq – January 2012

Corruption and credulity are enemies of reason and lead to violence, misery and slavery of the mind. Whoa! Where did that come from?

I’d previously written on the scam of fake bomb-detectors being used in Iraq after my trip there:

That article has a number of links to websites that provide information on these fake bomb-detectors and their ilk. It’s been a while since my article and, unfortunately, I had not kept myself up-to-date. Peter at http://ade651gt200scamfraud.blogspot.com/ reported in December 2011 that Major General Jihad al Jabiri, who signed the order(s) for the ADE651, had been released from prison earlier in the year due to what I call a pro-corruption bill…! The full story is here:

The buyers of these types of devices are one thing. The peddlers are another; people like Gary Bolton and Charles L. Christensen. They’re not in jail either. Why? Corruption isn’t just in Iraq. Full stories and updates at these sites:


Article by Kulvinder Singh Matharu – 2012

Child sacrifice in India

Murder in India:

Most of this is “sources said” and investigations are continuing so the full facts are not yet know. Regardless, the tragedy and the stupidity here fills me with sadness and rage. But one thing I did notice was that the village, at least, knew this was wrong and alerted the authorities.

How are these “tantriks” and other purveyors of depravity to be stamped out? Education, obviously is an answer, but in what form? Murder and evil happens in all countries; some in the name of religion, and some not. Killing your children is not supported by any major religions in modern times. So I do not think that murders such as this are common in India, but the nucleus of an idea is there from which evil does grow and manifest itself. It needs to be checked. I don’t have solutions but highlight this in the hope that others will read and ponder.

Article by Kulvinder Singh Matharu – 2010

The murder of Karen Woo

An Afghan driver who survived the ambush tells how Karen Woo and the other charity workers died at http://www.thefirstpost.co.uk/67168,news-comment,news-politics,british-aid-worker-karen-woo-was-killed-by-a-grenade-as-she-hid-in-4×4-afghanistan-ambush#ixzz0wUgXF958

I can remember how a year ago we were waived down by masked gunmen in Afghanistan. That was a nervous time; nowhere to run or hide as we were led out of our vehicle at the point of an AK47, patted down and everything searched whilst we had no idea on who they were or what they wanted. Local gunmen / bandits? Taliban? But everything resolved itself when they eventually turned out to be Afghan Army on a recon clearing the roads for a large military convoy.

But Karen Woo and her party weren’t that lucky. What they got instead would appear to be gunmen from outside the region and perhaps some from Pakistan.The worry here is that gunmen may step up the targeting of charity workers and other non-military groups.

Evil is what evil does.

Article by Kulvinder Singh Matharu – 2010