My new Silva Expedition 15TDCL compass

I recently treated myself to a Silva Expedition 15TDCL compass (this is from the genuine Swedish Silva company and not a cheap version from the American Silva company).

My new Silva Expedition 15TD-CL compass.
My new Silva Expedition 15TD-CL compass.

The 15TDCL is a quality mirror spotting compass with magnetic declination adjustment and, as a bonus, incorporates a clinomoter (which I probably won’t use).

OK, I have plenty of electronic gadgets such as GPS units, smart phones and expedition watches which can show me location and/or direction. But I do sometimes miss the feel of paper maps and a traditional magnetic compass. This compass isn’t something I needed, but it was something I wanted. It makes a nice backup too in case the electronics stop working :)

Monks in Myanmar

Novice monks in Pindaya, Shan State, Myanmar (Burma). This place also had the biggest mosquitoes that I’ve ever seen; so big that I didn’t recognise the little blighters until they started biting and, by then, it was far too late to apply any insect repellent! Photo taken in December 2014.

Monks and smoke