Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith


I bet you’re wondering why I’m writing about “Revenge of the Sith” so long after its cinematic release. Well, because the film was a big winner at the recent 32nd annual People’s Choice Awards. And I just couldn’t let that go by without a few comments. Yes, this article is going to be a rant!

First, I’ll start off by saying that the movie was entertaining to a degree; just switch your brain off, eat your popcorn and enjoy the gloss on the screen. Maybe that’s why the movie did so well at the People’s Choice Awards. It was a win of gloss over substance. And may be that’s what people want.

However, this isn’t just any movie. This is the final instalment (OK, prequel) of a story that was nearly thirty years in the making. We get the chance to see how Anakin Skywalker, a person with hopes and great potential, becomes one of the (evil) Empire’s most feared protagonists. And what a disappointment the movie was when viewed from that context.

Where did the movie go so wrong? There were a lot of items. But let me explain a few of them.

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Born into Brothels

I’ve just seen the documentary “Born into Brothels”. I was drawn to the documentary due to its angle on the use of cameras, and I like taking photos!

The documentary is about photographer Zana Briski and her efforts with the children of prostitutes in Kolkata (Calcutta), how she befriended them, and how their lives were affected when Zana gave a camera to each of the kids.

It’s inspirational, sad and heart-warming. I definitely recommend that you purchase the DVD which shows the actual documentary plus the follow-up with the kids three years later.

Some people have accused Zana of using this documentary as a vehicle to further her own personal ambitions. Others have stated that her efforts were miniscule and didn’t really attempt to solve the real problems that the kids faced. And others have also condemned this film because they believe that it was undeserving for being an Academy Awards winner.

But don’t let these criticisms deflect you. These are pure distractions. Go get the DVD and enjoy seeing a small part of the kids’ lives.

The official website for the documentary is over at “Kids with Cameras” with the documentary details in the “Born into Brothels” section.

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Hello world!

Well, I’ve finally decided to set up a blog.

I was going to hand-code my own blog site but I found that it would take me a looong time to achieve the high standards that free blogging software, such as WordPress, have already achieved. And really, at this stage, I’d rather spend time writing content than writing code. I have absolutely no idea if anyone out there in the ether is interested in anything I write. But let’s find out!

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