Sky HD – yes. Multiroom – no!

Right, after the debacle with Sony Centre and the Sony 40inch LCD TV, I went ahead to get Sky’s HD box on Monday 23 October 2006. Went to and navigated to their HD page to order the HD box.

Well, in a not so obvious way, I found that when you order Sky HD from the website that you were also automatically enrolled into getting Multiroom which is an additional £10/month…and although you can add additional rooms to Multiroom you were not allowed to remove Multiroom at all. Eventually, after clicking on a few buttons on the web page, there was a note saying to make a telephone call to get Sky HD without Multiroom.

So, I dialled the number. The automated options presented to me on the call did not talk about Sky HD. The closest was for ordering Sky+. Disgusted, eventually found the Sky magazine which had a different telephone number for ordering Sky HD. Anyway, have now ordered Sky HD and am waiting to pair it with my new TV!

I will say this again…I’m disgusted. Disgusted with Sky’s website for ordering Sky HD. It basically forces you to get Multiroom and the method offered to get Sky HD without Multiroom is obscured in a weird navigation system and even then the details are wrong. It does seem that Sky are making it as difficult as possible to opt out of Multiroom. Shame on you Sky! And a lot of people are not surprised with Sky’s antics…

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Don’t you just love Sony?

So, Saturday 21 October 2006, I went to the Sony Centre in Harrow looking for a 32 inch or 40 inch LCD HD TV. The shop listed the Sony KDL-40X2000 LCD television for £2,999. Yes, that’s a lot of money and I said so in the shop. The shop assistant then stated that if I bought the TV immediately I could have it for a bargain price of £2,650. Well, I wasn’t convinced and instead bought a different TV.

Got home and went to and navigated to the KDL-40X2000 web page. Here’s a screen grab and make a note of the price: £2,499 (that includes VAT):

I would not go so far as to call the people in that Sony Centre a bunch of scammers, but I’m sure that I wasn’t even close to getting a good deal from them!

Copyright © 2006 Kulvinder Singh Matharu – All Rights Reserved