Homeopathy is a lie

Despite all the evidence from properly conducted experiments and trials which show that homeopathy is a lie, a large numbers of people still think that homeopathy is real and not a placebo effect. Their delusional mindset is something that will be hard to rectify; witness the still quite large numbers who believe in astrology and other woo-woo phenomenon.

What we can do, is continually point these people to the evidence and explain the processes that underlie the scientific process in the hopes that they can use critical thinking techniques to cut-out all the chaff that exists out there and concentrate on the pertinent details and reach their own conclusions. It will be slow and hard process. A good place to start is reading Ben Goldacre’s http://www.badscience.net/ site, and in particular, his latest article The end of homeopathy?

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My god, it’s full of stars!

Many years ago when I was a lot younger, I used to go camping around the UK many miles away from towns. What I really loved about those trips was the night sky. Yes, even in good Old Blighty, the night sky provided an exhilarating view of the cosmos.

In the early 1990s, I went on a road trip across parts of the USA. The magic places were the night skies above the Nevada Desert and Yosemite. Oh I ached for those clear views. Living in London, light pollution pretty much deprives you of seeing more than a handful of stars.

And then about 4 years ago I was in Tinfou, Morocco (near to the Algerian border). The night sky in the desert…it is impossible to describe, so clear, so many stars, the Milky Way, etc. The awe and wonder of the universe, the smallness of earth. All I did was to lie down on the desert floor and just stare upwards.

Being in London, looking up at the night skies, I feel a loss at not seeing the beautiful and majestic views of nature and the cosmos. To know what’s up there and not being able to easily see it. I think a few more trips out of London are probably in order!

Right time, right place…if you can, if you have the opportunity look up and behold the night sky!

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University corruption: sad but true

Well, it seems that certain forms of partnerships between universities and business can result in universities becoming corrupt both in the USA and the UK. It’s greed…pure and simple. However, I’m still clinging to my romantic notion that universities are there to educate, inspire and lead and that they’re doing so to a large extent. But then again I see that there are a lot of Mickey Mouse degrees these days with greed being the root cause.

Further information is found at The Corporate Corruption of Higher Education: part 1 and The Corporate Corruption of Higher Education: part 2.

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