Unsupported claims

Skeptico has a great article on something that I’ve felt strongly about for some time. I’ve tried to introduce critical thinking processes to some people and have tried using various arguments for showing the perilous foundations that homeopathy, astrology, chiropractice, etc are built on. But most people are set in their ways and although I will continue to be quite vocal in my arguments I no longer expect people to change their minds. It’s hard for people to admit that they’re wrong and to let go of ideas they’re fond of. Of course some people do see the light and start the processes of questioning, to use critical thinking. But such people are rare. I haven’t given up. Gentle persuasion is the way to go with most people, especially with friends. However, when it comes to organisations…well, they’re fair game. Give them all you’ve got! You be the judge of the situation and act accordingly.

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