Extremists ban popular children’s books

The Inquirer has an interesting article on how firm Abunga.com has allowed certain books to be banned from their bookstore. The firm allows its customers to to vote against books and if enough votes are cast then the books are banned. Well, just recently, Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials children books have got banned and it seems that a bunch of religious zealots were behind this. Abunga stated that they would abide by these votes even though the books are extremely popular. Well, I suppose that’s their business, but certainly my business isn’t going there for sure! Abunga obviously is aiming for a certain demography and I don’t care much for what they’re aiming at. Where does this stop? Segregated bookshops? Segregated shops? Polarisation of views? Safe havens for extremists? Just found that Pharyngula has his views on this too.

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