Guitar Hero!

Kulvinder Singh Matharu with guitarAfter many years of neglect, I’ve gone back to learning to play the guitar. Back in school it was an acoustic guitar. Today it’s an electric guitar…in this case an Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top partnered to a 15W Marshall amp.

Anyway…looking good but plenty of practice and hard work required. But it’s fun which I think is the most important part of the learning process!

Guitar Hero! I wanna be a rockstar!

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Westminster University, the shame of their sham degrees

Thanks once again to the eagle eyes of DC’s Improbable Science, here is his article on the sham degrees that Westminster University is awarding. As DC goes on to explain, this isn’t the only university that is involved in such shambolic practices. And this isn’t just the abuse of science’s good name. I’d call it rape.

I bet Westminster University and other universities engaged in such degrees aren’t the least ashamed. They’re getting lots of money for these Mickey Mouse degrees. My ideas that univesities are there to educate seem to be old fashioned. I despair at the education system sometimes.

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Apple 32GB iPod touch

Having bought the 80GB Zune 2 MP3 player, I treated myself to the 32GB iPod touch from Kuala Lumpur after all that hard work on the Borneo Orangutan Adventure.

The iPod touch is a really sleek design, a joy to hold and look at. However, even with the latest firmware (1.1.4), the iPod touch crashes on a frequent basis. By “crash” I mean that in the middle of web browsing or listening to music (for example) the iPod touch will crash whatever it was doing and revert to the main start screen. Not nice at all!

In addition, the album cover flow screen sometimes doesn’t show the album covers which kinda defeats the main purposes for having the album cover flow screen.

And it seems that I’m not the only one who’s experiencing these problems. A quick web search revealed the extent of these problems. I imagine that Apple will eventually get the bugs ironed-out with future firmware releases but I paid a lot of money for what turns out to be a flawed jewel. So, at the moment, I’m really disappointed with Apple’s latest iPod.

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Borneo Orangutan Adventure – March 2008

OrangutanI recently returned from the Borneo Orangutan Adventure. The picures are now online at my website.

This was a charity-based adventure trip organised by “Sepilok Orangutan Appeal UK” who work with the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre in the Sabah district of Malaysian Borneo. The trip had elements of white-water rafting, cycling, trekking, crossing rivers waist-deep, swimming, river cruises, village stays, evening fun (karaoke!) and, of course, seeing wildlife. I was pretty much mosquito and leech food but it was a small sacrifice. The adventure was damn good fun, educational and for a good cause too!

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