New York City! Woohoo!

Just spend a few days (23 May – 27 May) in New York City for a reunion with fellow travellers from the 2007 Antarctica trip. The weather cooperated too! The motley crew consisted mostly of this lot (showing our first tentative steps at building a snowman in Antarctica):

Antarctica 2007

Anyway, the views from our host’s apartment were pretty decent, both night and day!

Apartment night view – Brooklyn Bridge:

New York - Night

Apartment night view – Brooklyn Bridge:

New York - Day

Of course I’m going to come back…I want to see those views again! I think that I was last here in 1993. Now that was a long time ago!

I suppose the NYC trip can best be summed up in a few words. Food, drinks, and more food and drinks :)

There was more to it than that of course. There was a bit of shopping in which everyone participated. The girls went shopping for clothes and shoes; the guys went shopping for gadgets and software! Is that stereotyped or what!

Having said all that, Audrey did go looking for a good point-and-shoot digital camera. And I think the girls certainly bought some some cool clothes, oh yea!

So, what do you do on a hot day in New York City? Go to Central Park!

Central Park

And for something a bit more adventurous, you go to Coney Island!

Coney Island

Now that was fun! The roller-coaster “Cyclone”…oh yes! And a centrifugal contraption, oh boy! Thanks Michelle, I loved that centrifuge!

So, thank you Audrey, Raldi, Jason, Michelle and Laura! It was great meeting up with you all and exchanging our stories from the Antarctica trip, etc. Can’t wait for the next meet!

On the last day I was mostly on my own, with everyone having gone to prior engagements (eg working!). So went on a bit of a walkabout in lower Manhattan and got some shopping done at the J&R software store. Oh my poor achey feet! Made it OK to JFK (hey, love that Internet check-in, saves so much time from queuing!).

And so, goodbye New York City, and goodbye to that Americanised French chick :)

Statue of Liberty

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