Psychics. The scum, leeches and dregs of society?

Actually, that’s a bit unfair to leeches. I got quite fond of them (eventually!) in the jungles of Borneo. Quite attached, actually!

But these so-called “psychics” are obvious frauds. I’d even call them liars, cheats and criminals. Larry King, Oprah Winfrey and other TV presenters pander to these psychics and it’s all about ratings and money. These presenters sold their souls and I have no respect for them. Their shows lend an air of authority about psychic abilities and promulgates the lie that psychics are real.

And this leads to scary situations where people in positions of responsibility take actions based on psychic lies information that have serious repercussions in society. Read this Bad Psychic article from Skeptico for an example of such a sorry tale. In brief, a mother was accused of sexually abusing her daughter based on a statement made by a psychic that a child called “v” was being abused. The mother was investigated. Luckily, the mother was able to prove her innocence thanks to the fortuities use of a GPS device. So much for innocent until proven guilty. But if that mother had not been using the GPS device then who knows how far that investigation would have gone. It seems that anything, even those based on fantasy, are enough to criminalise and socially castigate people in such situations.

Where are the controls to stop such aberrant and abhorrent behaviour from occurring? Are school officials the guardians of our children? It seems not.

Skeptico is far more articulate than me so please go read his article.

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Going forward. Best practice communications.

Is the BBC article “Are you going forward? Then stop now” pushing the envelope with blue-sky thinking requiring a user-centred paradigm shift? You decide!

Actually, it’s quite a humorous article and is something that I identify with. However, I have to admit to being guilty to some extent and I give myself some form of self-justification as I work in a technology-led field…where real-time mission-critical front-end and back-end methodologies are synergised and strategised using proactive, holistic, distributed multi-platform geo-resources. So to speak.

Have fun. Try Corporate Bingo! My favourite is Business Buzzword Bingo. Enjoy!

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Here Be Dragons

This was recommended at the Bad Astronomy blog last week but I’ve only just around to putting this here on my blog. Not terra incognita but “Here Be Dragons”…an introduction to critical thinking. The video at that website provides the basic tools to allow a critical mindset to develop…a useful weapon to get past all the chaff that this world throws at us.

The other things I liked in the video were the recommendations on reading material; it mentioned one of my favourite books…“The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark” by Carl Sagan.

Get the video, get the book. Highly Recommended!

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