Fish oil to snake oil…the Durham Council Story

I’ve been following this story for some time now, and it’s got real interesting recently with articles on the current situation over at Bad Science and Holford Watch.Quackery

Basically, this is about the infamous fish oil “trial” and Durham Council’s claims on the positive effects of fish oil. But with no real evidence offered and what appears to be flawed “trials”, questions have to be adequately answered and accountability given. Instead we get smokescreens and other face-saving misdirections from Durham Council.

“Quack Quack!”

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The future is here, instant song purchase from FM radio!

After my Future of music – my vision! article posted in January 2008, Wired has just put up an article regarding the new Microsoft Zune MP3 players, where it seems that the Zunes will implement the ability to purchase songs heard on the Zune’s FM radio.Zune

My original thoughts were that Apple would be the first manufacturer to get there but it looks like Microsoft got there first. This is good for competition. Let’s hope that competition becomes more competitive, perhaps even with Sony or Creative getting into the action too. As a Zune and iPod owner that makes me feel real good!

Copyright © 2008 Kulvinder Singh Matharu – All Rights Reserved