Dumb and dumber degrees…it really does get dumber

Another interesting DC’s Improbable Science article, this time highlighting the woo-ness of certain “degrees” at Thames Valley University and the lack of critical thinking that is leading to the increase of dumb and dumber “degrees” at a number of universities.

The trouble with most folks isn’t so much their ignorance, as knowing so many things that ain’t so. – Josh Billings

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The Society of Homeopaths

I believe that homeopaths are dangerous. And The Society of Homeopaths is not only complicit in their apparent commitment of inaction against their members who make unsubstantiated claims on cures, but they are also immoral in their commitment of action against those who point out the Society’s inaction. The Quackometer article gives further updates of the failure of self-regulation within the Society of Homeopaths. What I took from this is self-evident but needs to be repeated…the deluded cannot be allowed to regulate the deluded.

Copyright © 2008 Kulvinder Singh Matharu – All Rights Reserved