Blair Witch

Tony Blair Thanks to, we see yet more evidence of the warped logic of the ex-British Prime Minister Tony Blair. He’s eagerness to jump into the clutches of the religious, and his condemnation of atheism both indicate that he is a person who has taken a path in which religious dogmas will sustain and prosper his delusions at the expense of critical thinking. He now only hears what he wants to hear.

It’s rather sad as I once admired him. As well as the disappointment that I feel for all his lost potential, I also believe that he is a dangerous individual. He has already condemned atheism. He will soon start talking about carrying out God’s will…the God in this case is that imagined by the superstitions of Roman Catholicism and, despite what religious accommodationists may say, is not compatible with other other religions such as Islam, Hinduism, or Buddhism. They are not all different paths to some common truth. They are fundamentally different. Blair’s failure to see this is one of his greatest weaknesses and is an indication that there are other things that he does not recognise. He therefore cannot be relied upon and should keep out of the issues afflicting this world. He should sort his own mind out first!

Article by Kulvinder Singh Matharu – 2009