Firefox 3.6 default zoom levels and Windows 7 taskbar previews

The recently released Firefox 3.6, as default, does not utilise Windows 7 taskbar previews for multiple tabs. This is in stark contrast to Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) which uses it to great effect and is a great productivity feature. However, Firefox 3.6 can be configured to utilise Windows 7 taskbar previews by following these steps:

  1. In Firefox 3.6, type about:config in the address bar.

  2. When the “Here be dragons!” page appears, proceed by clinking on “I’ll be careful, I promise!”.

  3. A page is now displayed with a list of preferences.

  4. In the “Filter:” field, type browser.taskbar.previews.enable

  5. The preference browser.taskbar.previews.enable should now be displayed. Double-click on this preference so that the “Value” field toggles to “true”.

  6. OK, you’re done now. You shouldn’t need to restart Firefox as the change should be instant.

Everything seems to be working fine now, but there probably are one or two bugs within Firefox 3.6 otherwise this feature would have been switched-on by default.

One bug that I did find, though, occurs when you change the page zoom levels within Firefox 3.6. It doesn’t matter if you use Firefox’s in-built per-site zoom levels, manual zoom, or the rather excellent “NoSquint” Add-on (for managing default zoom levels for all pages/sites), the result is always the same; the Windows 7 taskbar previews do not show the correct zoom levels or page layouts if the zoom levels are not at 100%.

I recognise that the Firefox team have probably been busy on other features, bugs and performance issues but it seems to me that they’ve had plenty of time…Windows 7 has been out for quite a while especially if you also consider Windows 7’s extensive beta trial.

I doubt that any 3.6.x version will implement a non-buggy version of the requested feature, so here’s looking at Firefox 3.7!

Article by Kulvinder Singh Matharu – 2010