Sikh judge Sir Mota Singh and knives

Retired judge Sir Mota Singh, a Sikh, recently made some comments that Sikhs must be allowed to carry Kirpans (a ceremonial dagger or knife) and be exempt from the prohibitions that forbid the carrying of knives to such places as schools. In UK law, there some seem to be some specific exemptions for “religious reasons” including those relating to school ground but I’m not expert so don’t full understand their extent.

Singh says:

“I see no objection to a young Sikh girl or boy, who’s been baptised, being allowed to wear their Kirpan if that’s what they want to do”

Really? This guy is a judge?

I can see this becoming an issue when some kid uses his kirpan in a school fight. And it will also encourage others to carry knives.

No special privilege is required for religions, especially more so in this case as these so-called “symbols” are NOT essential to proving anyone’s alignment to some religious belief system. What is far more important than these symbols is how one treats others; to be fair and to do the right things which we all instinctively feel and aspire to.

Article by Kulvinder Singh Matharu – 2010