The police fight against cameras

Gizmodo article Are Cameras the New Guns? at reports that, in certain parts of the USA, the police are beginning to persecute and prosecute those persons who photograph or record the police. One of the great benefits of the increasingly ubiquitous nature of cameras is that cameras act as a control against police abuse; removing that control allows police to exceed their authority, to commit abuse, to commit illegal acts.

Let’s be clear. I think that the vast majority of the police are clean, brave and hardworking souls. They have earned my respect. But a small percentage of the police are corrupt, criminal and incompetent and they wield immense powers over our lives. We need to be protected against them. And that’s why I believe that the latest police initiative to illegalise recordings is a big step towards tyranny and must be stopped.

Article by Kulvinder Singh Matharu – 2010