Fake bomb detectors still used in Iraq

Following the hard work of JREF et al over several years, there has been much media publicity over the last year or two over the sales of useless (fake) bomb detectors :

Also see the petition

It is a pity that JREF does not get more recognition for their hard work from the mainstream media (eg BBC).

I’ve just returned this month from Iraq and those fake bomb detectors are still being used extensively at nearly all the myriad of security checkpoints in that country. The picture below shows one of these devices being operated in April 2011 around Baghdad.

fake bomb detector in Iraq

It was laughable in a macabre sort of way, but I also felt angry. The Iraqi government are aware that these devices are fakes but have not done anything. The whole setup is immoral and criminal; all those who’ve promoted, bought and allow continued use of these devices are despicable and need to be prosecuted. Lives are at stake.

Article by Kulvinder Singh Matharu – 2011