Let’s call bullshit “Bullshit”.

Pharyngula posts a YouTube link of Terence McKenna, about the dangers of “relativism” where equal respect is paid to all ideas. McKenna is right. We need to call “Bullshit” when we see it, and fight the “politically correct” sensitivities of our society so that reason can be taught. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not so keen on McKenna’s other ideas but here he gets it right.

Now, I can see some people being uncomfortable with what they perceive as stridency. Such stridency can appear rude and off-putting to those who are genuinely seeking knowledge. It is not normally my intention to be rude but sometimes, when one is engaged in discussion to explore and consider ideas, the other side abandon reason, abandon knowledge and seek refuge in ignorance. This does not foster an environment conducive to polite discussion. However, I try not to be rude to anyone in particular unless they’ve demonstrated their idiocy. I have no qualms at all in condemning ideas and intuitions which peddle bullshit. And if someone does delight in their own ignorance and refuses to engage in reason then I will be rude.

Kate Smurthwaite was right on the money here; these people are idiots and well done for her to say so:

More at her blog article and the vile response from some people:

And some good stuff here from Pharyngula:

Can I call Deepak Chopra and Bill O’Reilly a couple of idiots?

Carl Sagan was one of the great explainers and he is not known for being rude. His Baloney Detection Kit is a wonderful tool to use in the fight against unreason, superstition and other bullshit. And when I use that kit to analyse what Chopra and O’Reilly are saying then I can come to only one conclusion. Actually, I didn’t have to use Sagan’s Baloney Detection Kit at all…the conclusion is self evident.

Too many idiots in too many places. But that’s why I increasingly use my blogs to highlight idiocy in the hope that people are exposed to reason and understand the bullshit being spread far and why by the idiots. And I hope that not too many reasonable people get put off by the stridency in these posts.

Article by Kulvinder Singh Matharu – 2011