The religious don’t get it; a life free of religion is a life full of joy

It seems Father Robert Barron thinks that “true” atheists have a joyless, hopeless mentality.

Well, Father Robert Barron must be a buffoon; as an atheist I know how precious life is, that we have this one moment in time to enjoy, to love and be loved, to help others, to wonder in amazement at what this world brings, to create monuments, to fight against injustice.

I love helping others, I enjoy the rewards and recognition of hard work, I love travelling and meeting people around the world, I love taking photos which I hope others will also enjoy. All this without the falsehoods and injustices that religions bring. A life free from religious tyranny and enslavement.

There is no evidence for a god. And religions have empty words built on delusion and lies. So, yes, live a full of joy. Father Robert Barron doesn’t get it.

UPDATE 2nd May 2012: Eric MacDonald provides a more detailed response on Father Robert Barron’s “ideas”.

Article by Kulvinder Singh Matharu – 2012