The problem with Indonesia and religions

Indonesian atheist faces a jail sentence for challenging Islam. It may be that the sentence gets suspended or perhaps he may get a very draconian punishment. But it’s clear that religion poisons.

Indonesian atheist faces possible jail time

Mechanisms protecting religion or giving religion special privileges will result in injustice, barbarity, and loss of freedom. Evil is what evil does; this incident in Indonesia is a good example.

Article by Kulvinder Singh Matharu – 2012

More monstrosity from religion

More religious evil, this time highlighted by ZOMGitCriss:

Raping Islam

Religion is a force for control, for suppression, and for barbarity, clothed in dogmas and rituals which the religious hope is mistaken for civility and progress, shielded by the mock claims of “offence” and “racism”. I am tolerant of religion (I don’t go around threatening people for a start) and adults can believe in whatever fairy-tales they wish (and I will judge their competency on rationality accordingly) but I am against those fairy-tales if the religious enforce indoctrinations onto children, when they threaten liberty and free speech, when they threaten and commit violence, and when they encourage a closed-mind view. Religion will abuse, it has a proven track record. – Kulvinder Matharu

Article by Kulvinder Singh Matharu – 2012

London, the centre for bullshit medicine. Really.

Quackometer article on the money-wasting, money-grabbing, bullshit-dispensing and witchcraft-thinking organisations in London:

The guilty:

  1. University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  2. The Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine (built on the remains of the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital)

Article by Kulvinder Singh Matharu – 2012

GoPro HD HERO2 internal rattle noise fixed!

I’d noticed on my GoPro HD HERO2 camera mounted on my mountain bike that there were some clicking noises on the video recordings. I normally mount the camera on the handlebars and, at first, I attributed the noise to my bike; perhaps a cable hitting the camera housing.

But then I came across a passing comment in a forum that complained about the internal noises from GoPro cameras. Intrigued, I searched online. There were some comments regarding the helmet-mount (and similar) and the need to insert the rubber “thingy to stop the camera rattling around in the mount; I already knew about this and it was not relevant. Soon I came across a number of posts and articles about a rattling being generated from within the camera itself. So I picked up my camera, in its housing, and shook it near my ear. Sure enough, I could hear the rattling! It was also very evident on subsequent recordings I made just shaking the camera by hand. Oh dear. So not my bike after all.

However, I found a DIY fix which required opening up the camera and putting some small foam under the shutter button so that the “micro-switch” doesn’t rattle around. I debated whether to just return the HD HERO2 under warranty or attempt the DIY. I went for the DIY. Here’s the fix:

It worked. Dead easy. No more rattling! Very pleased now. The internal rattling issue is not uncommon and I am not sure what GoPro are doing to resolve the issue for existing and future cameras.

I added an additional mod to the above but only in my paranoia about noise and not really based any tests. The power/mode button (not its micro-switch) will rattle when the camera is not in its housing so I added a very small piece of self-adhesive foam (and I mean small) to the “power/mode” switch inside the camera housing; this was to stop any chance of the mode switch rattling around:


This particular mod is probably not required but I had some foam to hand and it only took a few seconds to add. It’s important, though, that the foam not be too thick otherwise it will activate the power/mode switch when closing the cameras housing. Of course this doesn’t stop the power/mode button from rattling when the camera is not in its housing but some tape over the button may help to fix that.

Alternatively, I could have gone the whole hog and put some padding inside the camera for the power/mode switch like this chap:

Anyway, silence!

Article by Kulvinder Singh Matharu – 2012