Samburu man

A Samburu man with spear near his village in Samburu, Kenya. Photo taken in May 2017.

Turkana and Samburu

Members of the Samburu and Turkana tribes dance and sing together along the windswept shores of Lake Turkana, Kenya. Photo taken in May 2017.

Three cheetahs

Three cheetahs, keen to avoid crocodiles during a river crossing, dash across the river in Samburu National Reserve, Kenya. Photo taken in May 2017.

A palm tree in Borneo

A palm tree at dusk along the Kinabatangan River. This was near an Abai fishing village where I stayed overnight. Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia. Photo taken in March 2008.

Red flower

The Cameron Highlands of Malaysia have a rich tropical highland fauna and flora, with tea and strawberries being amongst its more famous products. Here, in 2008, I stopped to peek at this red flower with my recently acquired macro lens. I have fond memories of this place and, one day, I may return.