UK study: Obesity ‘not individuals’ fault’

Just came across an article at the BBC called Obesity ‘not individuals’ fault’. It references a UK government-backed study that, basically, claims that it is not an individual’s fault for being obese but rather that it was the fault of society, and that both society and government needed to be involved to reduce obesity.

I can see some merit in that argument but it is not going to be easy. Take cigarettes as an example. Despite decades of health warning there are still a substantial number of people who continue smoking. It’s good that there is legislation here in the UK restricting smoking in public enclosed areas (and protecting people like me from second-hand smoke) but a lot of people have not stopped smoking; they’ve just moved elsewhere. Now, outside the main entrance to Paddington Station, there is a gauntlet of smokers and it is a real pain-in-the-rear getting passed the dense smoke (hold breath, walk fast!). What I’m trying to say is that legislation and many years of health warnings haven’t made our society smoke-free. Sure, it has made a difference but not much compared to all the effort that has been put in.

Now, when it comes to obesity, how can we change society? What can government do? Yes, it will be a challenge but I do not expect to see anything change much in my lifetime…obesity, or the lack of recognition of obesity, is too well entrenched and accepted in society. A lot of people who consider themselves “fit” may be surprised at being classed as “obese” according to the stand BMI. And they can now excuse themselves “knowing” that being fat isn’t their fault (although perhaps these people would also likely also blame there “genes” and their “metabolism”). The projections showing obesity numbers increase over time are shocking.

The problem with the study is that it can be used as an excuse by individuals for being obese. Individuals need to take responsibility for their actions, but they won’t as this society is lazy and blaming society or the government is easy.

Those who really, really want to lose weight will succeed…through mental strength and determination. Those with even a minuscule of doubt may succeed in the short term but will ultimately fail. There are no short-cuts or easy ways of losing weight; I would recommend this Singletrack article on one way of keeping fit.

I think that we’re all in trouble if people are generally lazy. I don’t really know. Perhaps I’m totally wrong on all this.

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Sony Ericsson “PC Suite”, P900 and Microsoft Vista don’t play

Earlier this year I assembled a new PC and installed Microsoft Vista Ultimate on it.

Most of my existing Windows software worked but unfortunately the one key software that didn’t work was Sony Ericson’s “PC suite” for the Sony Ericsson P900 mobile telephone.

After months of telling me that they would issue a Vista version of “PC Suite” I was delighted when I heard that “PC Suite” was released. Imagine my dismay when I found out that this new version of “PC Suite” did not support Sony Ericsson P900 and P910i telephones on Vista but would support the newer Sony Ericsson telephones.

So much for waiting. As great a telephone the P900 is, I decided to go for the O2 xda Orbit (a rebranded and repackage HTC Artemis). Brilliant phone. And, of course, it synchronises beautifully with Vista. In fact, a couple of days ago, I just upgraded the firmware from Windows Mobile 5 to Windows Mobile 6…makes it an even better phone!
Anyway, Sony Ericsson. Boo!

PS – Following my earlier rant at a Sony Centre shop in Harrow you may think that I’ve got vendetta against Sony. Far from it…I’ve got a Sony High Definition TV, Sony 7.1 receiver, Sony stereo power amp and a Sony 20GB HDD MP3 player.

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“Arch” update

Just a short post. After a few years, I decided that the previous “Arch” photo that I had was too derivative of Lucrezia Herman’s photo “OMINOUS“.

So a few months ago I updated the image with another “Arch” that was taken at the same time as the original. It’s just a another way of looking at thinks, I suppose!

This is the new “Arch” image at, again taken at the Natural History Museum in London, UK, May 2003.

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Homeopathy; Failure of truth and integrity (again)

It seems that certain homeopaths have taken exception to an article that tells the truth about homeopathy.

Who are these homeopaths?  The Society of Homeopaths.

What have they done? Why, none other than to suppress the truth by taking legal action against the web host for the popular blog “The Quackometer“.

However, you can still see what the fuss is about at a number of websites. The following sites may help to get you started in your search for truth:

OK, then. That should be it for the time being.

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PS – here is a  copy the the article that the Society of Homeopaths tried to supress: Continue reading “Homeopathy; Failure of truth and integrity (again)”